Georgia Buddhist Summer Camp

May 25 - 28, 2018

Hard Labor Creek State Park, Rutledge, GA

Venerable Master Ming Kuang
  • Born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1952.
  • Frequented Hai Ming Monastery in student days, and inspired by Reverend Wu Ming.
  • Ordained by Rev. Sheng Hsiung at Da Hsiung Vihara in 1978 and appointed as the abbot in 1983 as well as founded Buddhist class and summer camp for children.
  • Founder and Director of Georgia Buddhist Summer Camp.

1952年出生於台灣台北,幼年長流連於海明寺,受教於悟明長老,法師於1978年依止於 聖雄法師,並於台北大雄精舍出家,1983年被聘為大雄精舍住持,1988年應邀到美國莊嚴 寺,主持兒童夏令營,1993年擔任莊嚴寺方丈,法師現任台北觀音禪院、日月潭玄裝寺住 持、中華民國國策顧問,也是喬治亞州夏令營創始人。
Reverend Gala Rinpoche
  • Born in Central Tibet in 1975.
  • In 1991, Rinpoche was recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as the 7th reincarnation of Gala Tulku, a reincarnated teacher from the Batha Monastery in Kham Dege, Eastern Tibet.
  • Received his vows from His Holiness the Dalai Lama -- novice vows at Drepung Loseling Monastery and full ordination vows in Dharmasala, both in India.
  • Rinpoche is currently the resident monk of Drepung Loseling Monastery in Houston, Texas.

法師1975年生於西藏,1991年經達賴喇嘛認定為喝喇吐庫的第七世轉世,剃度於西藏東 部城市Kham Dege的Batha寺,經歷過許多講經與佛學營的籌備。現任Houston Drepung Loseling寺之常住師父。
Jin He Shi
Jin He Shi ordained as a fully ordained Buddhist monk in 2013. He began living in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in 2009 and became a novice monk in 2011. Originally from Malaysia, Jin He went to university in Australia and got a degree in Economics and Finance. He later worked as a strategic business consultant before deciding to become a monk.
近合師父於2009年開始住進萬佛城,兩年後於2011年出家,2013年受具足戒,師父來自馬來西亞 ,大學在澳洲就讀,並取得經濟暨財務學位,出家前,曾經從事策略商業顧問工作. City of Ten Thousand Buddhas (English): 萬佛聖城中文網站:
Bhikshu Jin Chuan

Bhikshu Jin Chuan ordained as a Buddhist monk in 2013 and is now an instructor at Dharma Realm Buddhist University and Berkeley Buddhist Monastery in California. As an American-born Asian-American, his everyday life is a constant negotiation of traditional Chinese and modern Western values. As a typical second-generation Asian-American growing up in the Silicon Valley, he grew up studying mostly science, math, and technology and playing a lot of basketball. However, at the end of high school in 1999, to the surprise of himself and his family, he realized his path in life was to be a monastic. Before leaving home, Reverend Jin Chuan graduated from Stanford University with an M.A. in Religious Studies and a B.S. in Physics.
法師1999年高中畢業,進入名校史丹福大學主修物理,後再繼續於史大攻讀研究所,並獲得宗教 學系碩士學位,出乎家人、朋友的預料,2013年受具足戒,法師是華人的第二代,精通中 英文語文。 Dharma Realm Buddhist University: Instilling Goodness Elementary & Developing Virtue Secondary Schools: 法界佛教大學 / 育良小學, 培德中學 :
Venerable Di-Hsuan
Venerable Di-Hsuan is an ordained Buddhist nun of the Mahayana tradition and a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Florida. She had been trained in Yuan-Kuang Graduate Institute of Buddhist Studies, where she researched a number of scriptures and examined the doctrine of Two Truth presented in the Perfection of Wisdom Scriptures. Additionally, Di-Hsuan studied a great diversity of religions and received her M.A. in the Religion Department of the National Cheng-Chi University in Taiwan.
諦玄法師依止寬嫌法師, 出家於台灣, 目前就讀佛羅里達大學宗教研究所。 曾於圓光佛學研究所深入多種佛教經典, 並以探討 ((大般諾波羅蜜經)) 所展現的世俗諦與勝義諦之教理為畢業論文。 而後, 繼續於政治大學宗教研究所就讀。